Peak Retreats empowers female entrepreneurs and business women to be effective and productive to give you more time to focus on the really important stuff- at work or at home. We do this through unique experiences that boast rustic luxury, worldwide female experts and coaches, inspiring peers, and delicious food (seriously, where some are fashion-forward, we are food-forward).

Your needs, personal and professional, are at the core of how each retreat is designed. Our goal is to create more time in your life during your work week to accomplish things of value, rather than more things. Let our experts help you and your business grow at work and at home. Join us!

We believe in women-owned businesses and empowering women to be successful. In a climate where women’s voices are being stifled, we want to help women grow their business so their voices are influential, understood, and celebrated.

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Peak retreats is a collaboration between two female entrepreneurs, dedicated to making women's businesses profitable for a brighter, more equal future.
Kassi Strong Peak Retreat Women in Business and Entrepreneurs

Kassi Strong

Strategist. Founder.

Kassi is an entrepreneur with a passion for helping people live their best lives in careers they love. Born and raised in Montana, she helps design women's entrepreneurial curriculum and runs her own businesses. She designs, prototypes, and engages in new business ideas frequently in order to explore and stay constantly curious.

Morgan Slemberger

Morgan Slemberger

Connector. Founder.

Morgan has worked in higher education and women's entrepreneurship most of her career. She has been running women's entrepreneurial retreats for four years with a focus on sharing knowledge to build businesses. She helps entrepreneurs connect, grow, and give back to their community with new prosperity.